Saturday, April 11, 2015

Carteret 4/11--Monk Parakeet

After we were done at the gem show we made a detour to Carteret on the way to visit my mom in Iselin. I wanted to get one of New Jersey's odder birds onto the year list. Besides, Shari hadn't seen a Monk Parakeet since we lived in Brooklyn, where they have colonized the entrance to Green-Wood Cemetery. At the intersection of Washington Avenue and High Street, two nests were obvious in the utility poles but at first no parakeets in the vicinity. Then I saw something that didn't look starling- or grackle-like in a bare tree behind a garage and after Shari got on it she confirmed that we  had a parakeet. I was a little disturbed because she could see that it was green while I could only see the shape of the bird. I ran to get my camera from the car. Meanwhile a local came by and told us about the first time he found one, about twelve winters ago, feeding on his suet. The bird in the tree came closer and then another came in and then soon they were flying right over us into the nest. I could definitely see color now.

A great bird to have around--unless you're the utility company.

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