Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bunker Hill Bogs 4/2--Mourning Cloak (not a bird)

Lord help me, I'm taking pictures of butterflies now! Maybe it was because I had just visited Butterfly Bogs that I noticed this Mourning Cloak while walking back through Bunker Hill Bogs. It reminded me of a collaborative Google spreadsheet that Shawn Wainwright had sent me last month asking me to log the butterflies I saw. I don't much care about butterflies--too small, too fast, too many. I concede the field to my brother Harry who is an expert. But growing up with him it was impossible not to know some of them and this is one of about 10 species I can identify. But that's no excuse to take a picture of one!

I went to Bunker Hill and Butterfly this morning hoping for something new for the year, particularly in the warbler category--like maybe a Black-and-White. These WMAs are outside the Pine Barrens area, so there's a little more chance for warblers there. But that wasn't the case today. I found a decent variety of birds, but nothing new. I also walked, for the first time, the path that runs along the edge of Butterfly Bogs. It is a little sketchy, after the first 1/2 mile what is public and what is private, so I didn't go as far as I would have liked. In another month or so it might be good for warblers and last year I saw both Spotted and Solitary Sandpipers in there. Both spots are underbirded. I met today the only other guy who lists the area on eBird. So there always the tantalizing possibility of "something really good" to be found in either place.

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