Thursday, May 29, 2014

It Followed Me Home--Can I Keep It?

I was filling up one of the bird feeders, minding my own business, as the saying goes, when one of the guys from the lawn crew and a neighbor walked up the path, carrying a new-born fawn. The crew had found it in the middle of a lawn across the street and it was in the way of the mowers. Someone said, "Bring it to Shari, she loves animals," and they plunked it down on our lawn. The neighbor called the local humane society and their response was that if it was still there in 2 days, call them back. Usually, the mother comes for the baby at night. But since we had moved it, how would the mother know where it was? And with the feral cats in the neighborhood, not to mention raccoons and coyotes, how would it survive 2 days?

Within 5 minutes the baby was the talk of the neighborhood, everyone with an opinion.

Shari texted our friend Mike who knows about these things and he said, "Put it back where you found it. The mother will come for it." So, I went back to the neighbor, found out where exactly it had been discovered and Shari wrapped it in a blanket--they don't get cold, our friend Jerry (pictured with Shari) said--but they do have ticks, we countered--and after some misdirections, she found the spot across the street where the fawn was found and laid it down--still wrapped in a blanket--to the mild annoyance of the person who lived there. With luck, the mother will come back.  Or else someone else will pick it up and try to bring it back to us again. Meanwhile, you just know, someone is calling the Homeowner's Association to complain.

Fun fact: fawns bleat like lambs when picked up.

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