Thursday, May 29, 2014

Front Yard 5/29--Great Horned Owl

I stepped outside at dusk to try to hear "the" whip-poor-will. I haven't heard one in a few days. My neighbor across the street was on his lawn with his dog; he said, "You hear the owl?" East of the house, we could hear it clearly, somewhere in the woods, "Hoo hoo hoohoo." A Great Horned Owl. A surprise for the day and my 200th bird for the month.

Regarding the fawn: it's gone, but not because the mother came. No, people around here just couldn't leave it alone. I saw one fool sit down next to it and pet it for a long time, getting her scent all over it, which would discourage the mother, as I understand it. Others came around to gawk and I think what happened is that someone who doesn't like deer called the HOA and the authorities disappeared the animal. I knew it wouldn't last. It's one less deer in this world and no big deal; what bothers me is having stupidity pushed in my face.

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