Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Backyard 5/4--Rose-breasted Grosbeak

About once a year we get a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at our feeders. Today was that day. I looked up from the computer, saw what wasn't a towhee on a branch, grabbed the camera, took a couple of photos that are so crappy that I won't strain your eyes with them, then watched as the bird flew to the left. I went outside, saw it for a second as it flew into my neighbor's cherry tree, then lost it. A nice bright male with a brilliant red chest shield. I filled up the safflower feeder. I remember that in previous years, that kind of seed attracted the bird. Maybe it will hang around.

It also became Bird of the Day. I changed my entry on the competition's site from today's Solitary Sandpiper.

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  1. Noticed your live traffic feed while catching up with posts. When did you last have a reader listed as Port Vendres, who was actually in Collioure?