Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Wrap Up

Bonaparte's Gull, Manasquan Inlet
American Woodcock in our backyard
January was a very satisfying birding month: I did a Christmas Count, a Pinelands Survey, saw some decent rarities (American Avocet, Barnacle Goose, Eurasian Wigeon, Snowy Owl, among others), birded with friends and my lovely wife and generally had a good time in mild winter weather, marred only by a weekend of 2 feet of snow. I would have to say that the highlight of the month happened in our backyard when we saw an American Woodcock feeding in the leaf litter one afternoon and then, two days later during the storm, huddling beneath a stunted pitch pine. That bird brought our backyard bird count up to 90 species and I would say it is tied with last year's Common Redpoll for most exciting species seen through the window.

There have actually been more exciting birds around than I could get to--today, while doing the Pinelands Survey at Whitesbog, I missed Razorbill at Manasquan Inlet and Western Grebe up in Monmouth County. Shari & I hope to try for them tomorrow. A new month with a clean slate. This month I had 122 species, which is more than a third of the number of species I usually get in a year. But it isn't just about listing (although it would be easy to get that impression from these entries); for sheer aesthetic pleasure, nothing beats seeing a Harlequin Duck off the jetty at Barnegat Light SP.
World's most unlikely looking duck
But I still feel compelled to paste in the month's list:
Counties birded: Atlantic, Burlington, Cape May, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean
Species            First Sighting
Snow Goose     Brig
Brant     Sandy Hook          
Barnacle Goose     Monroe           
Cackling Goose     Monroe
Canada Goose     Manchester      
Mute Swan     Lake Takanassee  
Tundra Swan     Brig          
Gadwall     Brig        
Eurasian Wigeon     Lake Takanassee   
American Wigeon     Lake Takanassee  
American Black Duck     Oceanic Bridge
Mallard     Lake Takanassee         
Northern Shoveler     Brig  
Northern Pintail     Brig      
Green-winged Teal     Cape May Point SP        
Canvasback     Lake Takanassee
Redhead     Marshall's Pond        
Ring-necked Duck     Marshall's Pond   
Greater Scaup     Riverfront Landing      
Lesser Scaup     Brig          
Common Eider     Barnegat Lighthouse SP       
Harlequin Duck     Barnegat Lighthouse SP     
Surf Scoter     Sandy Hook
White-winged Scoter     Sandy Hook      
Black Scoter     Sandy Hook         
Long-tailed Duck     Sandy Hook 
Bufflehead     Oceanic Bridge      
Common Goldeneye     Sandy Hook       
Hooded Merganser     Lake Takanassee
Common Merganser     Brig          
Red-breasted Merganser     Oceanic Bridge      
Ruddy Duck     Oceanic Bridge    
Wild Turkey     Crestwood Village
Red-throated Loon     Sandy Hook          
Common Loon     Sandy Hook     
Pied-billed Grebe     Manahawkin Lake  
Horned Grebe     Sandy Hook      
Northern Gannet     Sandy Hook 
Double-crested Cormorant     Sandy Hook        
Great Cormorant     Sandy Hook  
Great Blue Heron     Silver Lake   
Great Egret     Great Egg Harbor   
Tricolored Heron     Brig     
Black Vulture     Stafford    
Turkey Vulture     Sandy Hook     
Northern Harrier     Bridge to Nowhere   
Sharp-shinned Hawk     35 Sunset Rd   
Cooper's Hawk     Brig        
Bald Eagle     Oceanic Bridge            
Red-shouldered Hawk     Brig      
Red-tailed Hawk     Lakewood Wawa      
American Coot     Lake Takanassee        
American Avocet     Absecon Creek        
Black-bellied Plover     Sandy Hook        
Killdeer     Manahawkin Lake       
Greater Yellowlegs     Brig 
Ruddy Turnstone     Barnegat Lighthouse SP  
Sanderling     Barnegat Lighthouse SP  
Dunlin     Brig          
Purple Sandpiper     Barnegat Lighthouse SP  
American Woodcock     35 Sunset Rd    
Bonaparte's Gull     Barnegat Lighthouse SP    
Ring-billed Gull     Sandy Hook    
Herring Gull     Oceanic Bridge    
Iceland Gull     Sandy Hook          
Great Black-backed Gull     Oceanic Bridge       
Rock Pigeon     Lake Takanassee           
Mourning Dove     Stafford Avenue         
Eastern Screech-Owl     Beach Ave        
Great Horned Owl     Whitesbog     
Snowy Owl     Holgate        
Long-eared Owl     Beach Ave      
Belted Kingfisher     Cattus Island County Park
Red-bellied Woodpecker     35 Sunset Rd         
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker     Bamber Lake         
Downy Woodpecker     Cattus Island County Park       
Hairy Woodpecker     Bridge to Nowhere
Northern Flicker     Bridge to Nowhere    
Peregrine Falcon     East Bay Av 
Blue Jay     35 Sunset Rd  
American Crow     35 Sunset Rd  
Fish Crow     Union Transportation Trail 
Carolina Chickadee     35 Sunset Rd     
Tufted Titmouse     35 Sunset Rd
Red-breasted Nuthatch     Cranberry Bogs        
White-breasted Nuthatch     35 Sunset Rd        
Brown Creeper     Brig        
Carolina Wren     35 Sunset Rd   
Golden-crowned Kinglet     Cattus Island County Park           
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     Assunpink WMA        
Eastern Bluebird     Brig     
Hermit Thrush     Beach Ave         
American Robin     Cattus Island County Park  
Gray Catbird     Brig
Northern Mockingbird     Assunpink WMA         
European Starling     Oceanic Bridge     
Cedar Waxwing     Cattus Island County Park  
Snow Bunting     Sandy Hook      
Pine Warbler     Cranberry Bogs  
Yellow-rumped Warbler     Cattus Island County Park 
American Tree Sparrow     Cranberry Bogs--Dover Rd
Chipping Sparrow     35 Sunset Rd         
Field Sparrow     Cranberry Bogs 
Fox Sparrow     Beach Ave
Dark-eyed Junco     35 Sunset Rd           
White-crowned Sparrow     Assunpink WMA     
White-throated Sparrow     Beach Ave    
Song Sparrow     Beach Ave         
Swamp Sparrow     Bridge to Nowhere   
Eastern Towhee     Stafford          
Northern Cardinal     35 Sunset Rd         
Red-winged Blackbird     Cattus Island County Park   
Eastern Meadowlark     Brig          
Rusty Blackbird     Whitesbog       
Common Grackle     Barnegat Lighthouse SP  
Boat-tailed Grackle     Bridge to Nowhere           
Brown-headed Cowbird     St. Mary's Cemetery
House Finch     Sandy Hook        
Purple Finch     Beach Ave           
Pine Siskin     35 Sunset Rd         
American Goldfinch     35 Sunset Rd     
House Sparrow     Stafford

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