Saturday, January 9, 2016

Absecon Creek 1/9--American Avocet

Our phones all beeped at the same time with the message that two American Avocets (rare in NJ any time and unheard of in winter), were on Absecon Creek. The only problem was, none of us really knew where Absecon Creek was. I figured it was down by Atlantic City (which is on Absecon Island) and when some in the group decided to chase my inclination was not to go--I didn't feel like being near Atlantic City on a Saturday night. But, it turned out that Absecon Creek, which empties in Absecon Bay, was only a couple miles south of us and so I followed Mike down Rt 9 for a few miles, made a left on E. Church St., and there, standing on the mud flats, were the two avocets. One male, one female. I didn't know you could sex avocets until today--the female has the longer, more up-curved beak. A very neat bird for January. For any month, actually. With the avocet I saw at Brig last month I have a nice little streak going with them. The avocets brought my month's total up to 101.

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