Monday, January 11, 2016

Backyard 1/11--Sharp-shinned Hawk

I took my typical 4+ mile walk around the bogs at Whitesbog this morning, the first trip out there this year and due to both the cold and lack of birds it was a brisk, good exercise. Highlights, such as they were: Northern Harrier hunting, a few Pine Siskins, 4 White-crowned Sparrows (somewhat unusual here) by the Upper Reservoir, a few American Tree Sparrows (Bird of the Day) and, on the way out, a 16 Tundra Swans that weren't there on the way in.

I could see more birds in my backyard. And I did. I have 13 species today for my Feederwatch list, including a Sharp-shinned Hawk that disappeared all the birds for about 10 minutes. As they almost always do, it perched, briefly, in a tree that hid it well from the camera.

I'll make do with some other birds through the window:
Pine Siskin and Dark-eyed Junco
Downy Woodpecker
Red-winged Blackbirds

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