Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Backyard 5/5--Blue Grosbeak

I spent the morning at Colliers Mills, fruitlessly looking for something new for the year and especially the county. I particularly looked for grosbeaks and buntings in the spots I've seen them before with no luck.

Came home, started writing up yesterday's sightings, looked up at the branch that holds the thistle feeder and saw a dark bird. First reaction: Red-winged Blackbird. Second reaction: NO!

The bird flew off the branch and back toward the suet cage, landing on a crooked tree and I saw clearly that it was our first backyard Blue Grosbeak. What a great bird to have!  Of course, Shari isn't home to see it. As I was emailing her that I had seen the bird, it came back, landed on the tree right in front of the window and gave me a fantastic look. Even if my camera hadn't been in the car, I doubt I'd have had enough time to get a picture.

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