Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Backyard 5/13--Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Sometimes I wonder why I chase all around looking for birds when great ones so often come to our backyard. After a few hours at Island Beach I didn't feel like looking for any more birds, so I headed home. I was only in the house long enough to change my shoes when I glanced out the bedroom window and called Shari. Without even seeing the front half of the bird, which was hidden behind the feeder, I knew we had our FOY Rose-breasted Grosbeak. We get them very occasionally, and this is the first male in about 3 years. Amazingly, it spent enough time eating those delicious black-oil sunflower seeds to allow both Shari & me to take some photos. It then flew back into the woods and I haven't seen it again this afternoon.

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