Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Seaside Road 11/9--Western Kingbird

Western Kingbird
Photos: Shari Zirlin
Sunday morning we headed south on the peninsula. Before visiting the larger birding spots, Scott took the group down a place called Indiantown, or at least to a crossroads near there, in the hopes of finding what he called "an East Coast regular rarity." Western Kingbird is not a year bird for us (we had a couple in May in NM) but it is still a cool bird, with it lemon yellow breast. Both vans drove around the area, picking up a few interesting birds along the way until Scott called us to say that he had located the bird, sitting on a wire. It was a quiet Sunday morning--I don't know if the residents of the house saw 13 birders creeping slowly down the road or what they thought we might be looking at. I was just glad they didn't come out on their porch with a shotgun or mean dogs.

12 species
Red-tailed Hawk  1
Killdeer  5
Mourning Dove  25
Northern Flicker  2
American Kestrel  1
Western Kingbird  1    
Blue Jay  1     Heard
American Crow  5
Carolina Wren  2     Heard
Eastern Bluebird  5
Northern Mockingbird  2
European Starling  10

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