Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Summary

As the year progresses it obviously gets harder to add "year birds," so I'm pleased with this month's results--quality over quantity, with only 8 new birds but what birds they were! Three of the eight count as rarities: yesterday's Eared Grebe, the elusive Northern Shrike of Whitesbog, and the Black-headed Gull at the waste treatment plant in Delaware. Add in the rare (but previously encountered) Ross's Goose at Brig and the Western Kingbird in Virginia, along with some favorite birds like American White Pelican, Snow Bunting and Lapland Longspur and I'll count the month as a success.

We roved around a lot this month--many spots in NJ as well as the long weekend on the Delmarva Peninsula which really helped the bird count. Winter is not my favorite time of the year, so I don't expect spectacular results this next month. I keep buying warmer shoes, warmer gloves, adding layers, but I would still rather be inside.

Some miscellaneous birds seen this month:
Ross's Goose at Brig. I broke the speed limits to make sure I got this bird before the field trip started so I wouldn't get antsy until the group got to the spot, well along on the drive.
Purple Finch at our feeder. Finally!
Immature Bald Eagle, digiscoped 11/30 at Brig.
Boat-tailed Grackles take over the bridge at Great Bay Blvd.
Ring-necked Pheasant at Assunpink. He showed no fear of me. Which is why they're easy to kill. 
For the month I listed 149 species.
Counties birded:
Delaware: Kent, Sussex
Maryland: Worcester
New Jersey: Atlantic, Burlington, Cape May, Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean
Virginia: Accomack, Northampton
Species              Location
Snow Goose     Bombay Hook
Ross's Goose     Brig
Brant     Great Sedge Island
Canada Goose     Assunpink WMA
Mute Swan     Assunpink WMA
Tundra Swan     Bombay Hook
Wood Duck     Magothy Bay Preserve
Gadwall     Mercer Corporate Park
American Wigeon     Chincoteague NWR
American Black Duck     Bombay Hook
Mallard    Corines Millpond
Blue-winged Teal     Brig
Northern Shoveler     Bombay Hook
Northern Pintail     Bombay Hook
Green-winged Teal     Bombay Hook
Ring-necked Duck     Assunpink WMA
Lesser Scaup     Brig
Common Eider     Barnegat Lighthouse SP
Harlequin Duck     Barnegat Lighthouse SP
Surf Scoter     DuPont Nature Center
White-winged Scoter     Island Beach SP
Black Scoter     Chincoteague NWR
Long-tailed Duck     Island Beach SP
Bufflehead     Assunpink WMA
Common Goldeneye     LBI Bayside--24th St
Hooded Merganser     Magothy Bay Preserve
Red-breasted Merganser     Avalon Seawatch
Ruddy Duck     Assunpink WMA
Northern Bobwhite     Townsend
Ring-necked Pheasant     Assunpink WMA
Wild Turkey     35 Sunset Rd
Red-throated Loon     Chincoteague NWR
Common Loon     Island Beach SP
Pied-billed Grebe     Assunpink WMA
Horned Grebe     Island Beach SP
Red-necked Grebe     Sandy Hook
Eared Grebe     Sandy Hook
Northern Gannet     Island Beach SP
Double-crested Cormorant     Assunpink WMA
Great Cormorant     Barnegat Lighthouse SP
American White Pelican     Prime Hook NWR
Brown Pelican     Kiptopeke SP
American Bittern     Brig
Great Blue Heron     Assunpink WMA
Great Egret     Assunpink WMA
Snowy Egret     Chincoteague NWR
Little Blue Heron     Chincoteague NWR
Tricolored Heron     Chincoteague NWR
Black-crowned Night-Heron     Chincoteague NWR
White Ibis     Chincoteague NWR
Black Vulture     Rt 539 New Egypt
Turkey Vulture     Assunpink WMA
Golden Eagle     Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR
Northern Harrier     Great Sedge Island
Sharp-shinned Hawk     Island Beach SP
Cooper's Hawk     Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR
Bald Eagle     Assunpink WMA
Red-shouldered Hawk     Magothy Bay Preserve
Red-tailed Hawk     Assunpink WMA
Virginia Rail     Saxis WMA
American Coot     Assunpink WMA
American Avocet     Bombay Hook
American Oystercatcher     Chincoteague NWR
Black-bellied Plover     Great Sedge Island
Semipalmated Plover     Great Sedge Island
Killdeer     Saxis
Greater Yellowlegs     Bombay Hook
Willet     Queen Sound Flats
Lesser Yellowlegs     Prime Hook NWR
Marbled Godwit     Bombay Hook
Ruddy Turnstone     Prime Hook NWR
Sanderling     Great Sedge Island
Dunlin     Great Sedge Island
Purple Sandpiper     Avalon Seawatch
Western Sandpiper     Chincoteague NWR
Long-billed Dowitcher     Chincoteague NWR
Bonaparte's Gull     Great Sedge Island
Black-headed Gull     Wolfe Neck WTP
Laughing Gull     Island Beach SP
Ring-billed Gull     Double Trouble State Park
Herring Gull     Great Sedge Island
Great Black-backed Gull     Great Sedge Island
Forster's Tern     Great Sedge Island
Royal Tern     Great Sedge Island
Rock Pigeon     Maddox Blvd
Eurasian Collared-Dove     Magotha Road
Mourning Dove     35 Sunset Rd
Belted Kingfisher    Corines Millpond
Red-bellied Woodpecker     Double Trouble State Park
Downy Woodpecker     35 Sunset Rd
Northern Flicker     Chincoteague NWR
American Kestrel     Seaside Rd
Merlin     Sandy Hook
Peregrine Falcon     Great Sedge Island
Eastern Phoebe     Island Beach SP
Western Kingbird     Seaside Rd
Northern Shrike     Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)
Blue Jay     35 Sunset Rd
American Crow     Double Trouble State Park
Fish Crow    Corines Millpond
Horned Lark     Cartanza Road
Tree Swallow     Chincoteague NWR
Carolina Chickadee     35 Sunset Rd
Tufted Titmouse     35 Sunset Rd
White-breasted Nuthatch     35 Sunset Rd
Brown-headed Nuthatch     Chincoteague NWR
Brown Creeper     Stone Harbor Point
Winter Wren     Double Trouble State Park
Marsh Wren     DuPont Nature Center
Carolina Wren     Double Trouble State Park
Golden-crowned Kinglet     Double Trouble State Park
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     Bombay Hook
Eastern Bluebird     Chincoteague NWR
Hermit Thrush     Chincoteague NWR
American Robin     Double Trouble State Park
Gray Catbird     Assunpink WMA
Brown Thrasher     Prime Hook NWR
Northern Mockingbird     Assunpink WMA
European Starling     Assunpink WMA
Cedar Waxwing     Assunpink WMA
Lapland Longspur     Island Beach SP
Snow Bunting     Avalon Seawatch
Common Yellowthroat     Chincoteague NWR
Palm Warbler     Brig
Pine Warbler     35 Sunset Rd
Yellow-rumped Warbler     Double Trouble State Park
Eastern Towhee     Double Trouble State Park
American Tree Sparrow     Sandy Hook
Chipping Sparrow     35 Sunset Rd
Field Sparrow     Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR
Savannah Sparrow     Double Trouble State Park
Nelson's Sparrow     DuPont Nature Center
Fox Sparrow     35 Sunset Rd
Song Sparrow     Assunpink WMA
Swamp Sparrow     Double Trouble State Park
White-throated Sparrow     Double Trouble State Park
White-crowned Sparrow     Assunpink WMA
Dark-eyed Junco     35 Sunset Rd
Northern Cardinal     Assunpink WMA
Red-winged Blackbird     Assunpink WMA
Eastern Meadowlark     Bombay Hook
Common Grackle     Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Boat-tailed Grackle     Chincoteague NWR
Brown-headed Cowbird     Cartanza Road
House Finch     35 Sunset Rd
Purple Finch     Chincoteague NWR
Pine Siskin     Assunpink WMA
American Goldfinch     35 Sunset Rd
House Sparrow     Avalon Seawatch

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