Friday, June 10, 2016

Bridge to Nowhere 6/10--A Victim of GPS

I came upon this scene this morning where Stafford Avenue ends at the Bridge to Nowhere. I asked the tow truck driver why the trucker was there to begin with. He told me that he'd followed his GPS to the very end. "It happens all the time," he said. It was dark and there's no sign that says "Dead End" or the more gentle "No Outlet."  It's hard enough to make a U-turn (or K-turn) in a sedan at the terminus of the road; it's impossible with a tractor-trailer. Even the tow truck driver had to make what I'd call a double double-you turn to get positioned with his hook to the truck. The trailer was filled diesel or gasoline; fortunately, nothing was spilling into the wetlands. The tow truck driver also wasn't hooking up the truck until higher ups in the company came to survey the mess.

When he figured out that I was birding the road, he asked me the inevitable question: "Do you see any eagles?"

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  1. Ha ha, thats a hoot. Guess it would have been a looooong back-up.