Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Carteret 3/30--Monk Parakeets

Before visiting my mother, I made what has become my annual visit to the intersection of Washington Avenue & High Street in Carteret, where a colony of Monk Parakeets has been nesting for quite a few years. Sometimes you have to wander around the neighborhood a little seeking them out, but today, before I had even parked the car I saw two sitting on a wire.

Last year when I was there I saw billboards announcing condo construction on the empty lots and I was worried that might scare the birds away, but they seem undisturbed by all the commotion. Still building their nest next to the transformer on the utility pole, which the power company hates, but the community loves its birds and gives the company hell if they try to remove the nests. I'm hoping that the new residents of the "luxury" housing going up will feel the same way about these somewhat noisy, messy, but exceedingly clownish birds.

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