Monday, March 28, 2016

Barnegat Municipal Dock 3/28--Laughing Gull

Laughing Gulls
It is a short drive down Bayshore to the Barnegat Municipal Dock. Gulls are always in the parking lot, which is usually flooded (when I arrived there were two geese and two Mallards swimming in a couple of the larger puddles) and I thought there was a decent chance of finding my FOY Laughing Gulls there. Mixed in with about 40 Herring Gulls there they were, the first of what will soon be the ubiquitous gull of summer. The wind was blowing ever harder, but I took a look at the bay anyway and was happy to find 4 Horned Grebes, two of them already molted into breeding plumage. It is always a treat when the grebes and loons hang around long enough to change out of their drab winter outfits. A few Red-breasted Mergansers and a couple of Long-tailed Ducks were the only other birds I could find in the water, but with two year birds for the afternoon, I was fairly satisfied.

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