Thursday, February 4, 2016

Island Heights 2/4--Greater White-fronted Goose

It was late this afternoon when I glanced at Jerseybirds and saw that a Greater White-fronted Goose was in Island Heights which is only about 25 minutes from home. I've chased this species all year unsuccessfully--a couple of times at Lake Takanassee, once up at Etra Lake. Five were reported the other day at Brig and I was tempted to drive down there, so having one in my home county was too good and I practically burst out the door after a quick look at Google maps to figure out exactly where it was. A light rain had started when I got into the car and it got heavier as I drove on. I was thinking that the rain might be good if it kept dog-walkers off the ball field that the goose was on. (When I got there, Alyssa, who found the bird, told me she had politely asked a dog-walker not to go on the field)

Alyssa was in her vehicle, waiting to "hand off" the bird to others. She said that the goose had moved to the back of the field, so we drove over to the outfield from the home plate area and quickly re-found the bird. It wasn't easy getting pictures in the rain but I managed a couple of documentary shots. The goose was fairly active, moving with a flock of Canada Geese. Just from its walk it was easy to pick out--it kind of sashays as it moves along, swishing its tail in practically a bump and grind.

Good bird to get for the county, good bird to get for the year.

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