Monday, February 29, 2016

February Summary

Tundra Swans over the cranberry bogs in South Toms River
The extra day in February didn't help me add any birds, despite looking all over Whitesbog this morning for Wood Ducks which I'm still missing. I know they're there--I just couldn't find them. I added 16 birds to the year list this month and most of them are considered rarities--some just for the date, but many, like Greater White-front Goose, Sandhill Crane, and HARRIS'S SPARROW (our adventures regarding this lifer are detailed here & here) are rarities any time of year in NJ.

Today, I listed my 60th species for Bird A Day. It was a Northern Harrier. My choices were the harrier, Bald Eagle, or Killdeer (I'm staying away as long as possible from birds I could seen through the window). Already it is getting difficult to find a unique bird and many appointments in March is going to make this contest a challenge until spring migration gets up to speed.

For the month I listed 118 species. Once again, I didn't leave the state.
Counties birded: Atantic, Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean
Species                                   First Sighting
Greater White-fronted Goose   Island Heights baseball field
Snow Goose   New Egypt
Brant   Manasquan Inlet
Canada Goose   Double Trouble State Park
Mute Swan   Manasquan Reservoir IBA
Tundra Swan   Cranberry Bogs--Dover Rd
Gadwall   Lake Takanassee
American Wigeon   Lake Takanassee
American Black Duck   Great Bay Blvd
Mallard   Double Trouble State Park
Northern Shoveler   Brig
Northern Pintail   Brig
Green-winged Teal   Poplar St Boat Launch
Canvasback   Riverfront Landing
Ring-necked Duck   Riverfront Landing
Greater Scaup   Brig
Lesser Scaup   Harvey Cedars--Sunset Park
Common Eider   Barnegat Lighthouse SP
Harlequin Duck   Barnegat Lighthouse SP
Surf Scoter   Monmouth Beach
White-winged Scoter   Sandy Hook
Black Scoter   Monmouth Beach
Long-tailed Duck   Monmouth Beach
Bufflehead   Double Trouble State Park
Common Goldeneye   Harvey Cedars--Sunset Park
Hooded Merganser   Double Trouble State Park
Common Merganser   Trenton Sewer Utility
Red-breasted Merganser   Great Bay Blvd
Ruddy Duck   Lake Takanassee
Red-throated Loon   Monmouth Beach
Common Loon   Monmouth Beach
Pied-billed Grebe   Sands Point--Dock Ave
Horned Grebe   Waretown--Baltic Av
Western Grebe   Allenhurst--Corlies Ave
Northern Gannet   Seven Presidents Park
Double-crested Cormorant   Sands Point Preserve
Great Cormorant   Monmouth Beach South
Great Blue Heron   Great Bay Blvd
Black Vulture   Lake Takanassee
Turkey Vulture   New Egypt
Northern Harrier   New Egypt
Sharp-shinned Hawk   Lake Takanassee
Cooper's Hawk   Great Bay Blvd
Bald Eagle   Sands Point--Dock Ave
Red-shouldered Hawk   Brig
Red-tailed Hawk   Crestwood Village
American Coot   Lake Takanassee
Sandhill Crane   New Egypt
American Avocet   Absecon Creek
Black-bellied Plover   Barnegat Lighthouse SP
Killdeer   Brig
Greater Yellowlegs   Eno’s Pond
Lesser Yellowlegs   Absecon Creek
Ruddy Turnstone   Barnegat Lighthouse SP
Sanderling   Allenhurst--Corlies Ave
Dunlin   Sands Point Preserve
Purple Sandpiper   Barnegat Lighthouse SP
Razorbill   Manasquan Inlet
Bonaparte's Gull   Manasquan Inlet
Ring-billed Gull   Monmouth Beach
Herring Gull   Monmouth Beach
Great Black-backed Gull   Great Bay Blvd
Rock Pigeon   Manasquan Inlet
Mourning Dove   35 Sunset Rd
Belted Kingfisher   Eno’s Pond
Red-headed Woodpecker   Colliers Mills WMA
Red-bellied Woodpecker   Colliers Mills WMA
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker   Colliers Mills WMA
Downy Woodpecker   Colliers Mills WMA
Hairy Woodpecker   35 Sunset Rd
Northern Flicker   Poplar St Boat Launch
Merlin   Monmouth Beach
Peregrine Falcon   Brig
Blue Jay   Colliers Mills WMA
American Crow   35 Sunset Rd
Fish Crow   Trenton Sewer Utility
Common Raven   Rt 539-MDL
Horned Lark   Jackson Liberty HS
Tree Swallow   Trenton Sewer Utility
Carolina Chickadee   Colliers Mills WMA
Tufted Titmouse   35 Sunset Rd
Red-breasted Nuthatch   Bamber Lake
White-breasted Nuthatch   Colliers Mills WMA
Brown Creeper   Trenton Sewer Utility
Carolina Wren   35 Sunset Rd
Golden-crowned Kinglet   Trenton Sewer Utility
Ruby-crowned Kinglet   Trenton Sewer Utility
Eastern Bluebird   Colliers Mills WMA
American Robin   Colliers Mills WMA
Gray Catbird   Assunpink WMA
Northern Mockingbird   Sandy Hook
European Starling   Colliers Mills WMA
Orange-crowned Warbler   Manasquan Reservoir IBA
Nashville Warbler   Trenton Sewer Utility
Palm Warbler   Trenton Sewer Utility
Pine Warbler   Trenton Sewer Utility
Yellow-rumped Warbler   35 Sunset Rd
Yellow-throated Warbler   Trenton Sewer Utility
American Tree Sparrow   Colliers Mills WMA
Chipping Sparrow   Colliers Mills WMA
Fox Sparrow   35 Sunset Rd
Dark-eyed Junco   Colliers Mills WMA
White-crowned Sparrow   Assunpink WMA
HARRIS'S SPARROW   Old Washington Crossing Rd
White-throated Sparrow   Colliers Mills WMA
Savannah Sparrow   Colliers Mills WMA
Song Sparrow   Colliers Mills WMA
Eastern Towhee   Brig
Northern Cardinal   Colliers Mills WMA
Red-winged Blackbird   Colliers Mills WMA
Common Grackle   New Egypt
Boat-tailed Grackle   Great Bay Blvd
Brown-headed Cowbird   New Egypt
House Finch   35 Sunset Rd
Purple Finch   Old Washington Crossing Rd
Pine Siskin   35 Sunset Rd
American Goldfinch   35 Sunset Rd
House Sparrow   New Egypt
Snow Geese in New Egypt

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