Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Riverfront Landing 1/13--Canvasback

I went out around lunchtime over to this little park in Toms River to see if I could finally get Canvasback on my year list.  It was a real anomaly, it seemed to me, to have had Redhead there early this month and still not see this much more common duck. Riverfront Landing is "go to" spot 'round here for this species. As it was last Saturday, most of the water close to shore and around the pier is frozen, but on the far edge of the ice and in a slice of open water, I managed to find 8 of the big, handsome ducks. Unfortunately, the light was terrible and they were too far out to take any photos that wouldn't be little silhouettes, but at least I have them for the year. Nothing else on the water that I wouldn't expect.

Pine Warbler (male) attracted to peanut butter
Our backyard continues to host at least one Pine Warbler. As I did last year, every time I see it, I try to take a photo and post it to eBird. Maybe some day they'll alter their filter and it won't be regarded as a "rarity" and I won't feel obligated to "prove" my sighting every time.

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