Sunday, January 4, 2015

Monmouth & Ocean Counties 1/4--Lesser Scaup, Dunlin

Today was the 2nd day in pursuit of a Pink-footed Goose, to no avail. The predicted rain didn't develop, so Shari, who'd really like to see that goose, suggested we head up to Wall Township to look for it. We scanned all the spots where it has been seen and came up empty, looking through more Canada Geese than I need to see. I'm not desperate for that bird, but I'd like to get it on the list.

After lunch we found ourselves not far from Belmar so we made a stop at Maclearie Park to look at the Shark River. Many, many Brant, plus a discouraging number of Mute Swans predominated our scope, but I did find a small flock of Dunlins feeding on a sand bar.

Our final stop was Riverfront Landing in Toms River. I wanted to get Canvasback for the year and county and Redhead for the county. I got the latter. Usually by this time of year, that area is an easy place to pick up Canvasbacks, but they've been scarce this year. I ran into Shawn Wainwright there; he had a few Canvasbacks there yesterday, but he confirmed that they were pretty hard to find so far this winter. I did get Lesser Scaup floating around with the Redheads, plus a huge raft of Ruddy Ducks.

Altogether I had 30 species on the day--not bad considering I thought we'd be indoors the whole day.

Locations birded: 35 Sunset Rd, Maclearie Park, Riverfront Landing, Wall Township.

Brant    1500
Canada Goose    625
Mute Swan    100
Gadwall    2
Mallard    35
Redhead    3
Ring-necked Duck    1
Lesser Scaup    5
Bufflehead    56
Hooded Merganser    5
Red-breasted Merganser    25
Ruddy Duck    500
Double-crested Cormorant    20
Turkey Vulture    3
Dunlin    17
Ring-billed Gull    190
Herring Gull    100
Great Black-backed Gull    11
Rock Pigeon    35
Mourning Dove    5
Red-bellied Woodpecker    1
Carolina Chickadee    1
Tufted Titmouse    3
White-breasted Nuthatch    1
Carolina Wren    1
European Starling    500
Dark-eyed Junco    12
Northern Cardinal    1
House Finch    1
American Goldfinch    2

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