Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Review

With the Winter Wren I glimpsed at Horicon Lake this afternoon, I have now seen more species of birds in New Jersey than I have in New York consider myself officially a Jersey birder whatever that means and for whatever it's worth.

We found out that post-Sandy we're living in a bubble--outside of the environs of Crestwood Village it is a mess out there--traffic lights not working, gas lines like the oil embargoes of the 70's, supermarkets out of food and running on generators, and fifteen miles due east of here, utter devastation, symbolized by the image of a roller coaster dumped in the ocean.

A lot of places we bird, like Brig, Island Beach, Long Beach Island, Great Bay Blvd, & Jamaica Bay, have sustained heavy storm damage. It could be weeks or months until we know how much damage has been done to the habitats of these spots. Many people have been sending in reports of "storm birds" from the Delaware River, but somehow it is hard to get interested in an storm displaced Leach's Storm-Petrel when Sandy has carved a new inlet from the ocean to the bay a little north of here. Plus, I'd like to know where these guys are getting gas!

124 species for the month; 9 FOY.
Counties birded:
Delaware: Kent, Sussex
New Jersey: Atlantic, Morris, Ocean, Somerset
Species                 Location
Snow Goose         Bombay Hook
Brant         Brigantine
Canada Goose         Bombay Hook
Mute Swan         Brigantine
Tundra Swan         Bombay Hook
Wood Duck         Island Beach SP
Gadwall         Bombay Hook
American Black Duck         Bombay Hook
Mallard        Cattus Island
Blue-winged Teal         Brigantine
Northern Shoveler         Bombay Hook
Northern Pintail         Bombay Hook
Green-winged Teal         Bombay Hook
Lesser Scaup         Double Trouble State Park
Hooded Merganser         Double Trouble State Park
Red-breasted Merganser         Great Bay Blvd
Ruddy Duck         Bombay Hook
Wild Turkey         35 Sunset Rd
Pied-billed Grebe         Bombay Hook
Northern Gannet         Island Beach SP
Double-crested Cormorant        Cattus Island
Brown Pelican         Island Beach SP
American Bittern         Brigantine
Great Blue Heron        Cattus Island
Great Egret        Cattus Island
Snowy Egret         Bombay Hook
Little Blue Heron        Cattus Island
Green Heron         Crestwood Village
Black-crowned Night-Heron         Brigantine
Glossy Ibis         Prime Hook
Turkey Vulture         Whiting WMA
Osprey         Bombay Hook
Northern Harrier        Cattus Island
Sharp-shinned Hawk         Island Beach SP
Cooper's Hawk        Cattus Island
Bald Eagle         Brigantine
Red-tailed Hawk         Whiting WMA
American Coot         Bombay Hook
Black-bellied Plover         Bombay Hook
Semipalmated Plover         Brigantine
Killdeer         Eno's Pond
American Oystercatcher         Great Bay Blvd
Black-necked Stilt         Bombay Hook
American Avocet         Bombay Hook
Greater Yellowlegs         Bombay Hook
Lesser Yellowlegs         Bombay Hook
Marbled Godwit         Brigantine
Sanderling         Island Beach SP
Semipalmated Sandpiper         Bombay Hook
Western Sandpiper         Bombay Hook
Dunlin         Bombay Hook
Stilt Sandpiper         Bombay Hook
Long-billed Dowitcher         Brigantine
Laughing Gull         Bombay Hook
Ring-billed Gull         Horicon Lake
Herring Gull        Cattus Island
Great Black-backed Gull         Island Beach SP
Caspian Tern         Bombay Hook
Forster's Tern         Bombay Hook
Rock Pigeon         Island Beach SP
Mourning Dove         Whiting WMA
Black-billed Cuckoo         Island Beach SP
Belted Kingfisher        Cattus Island
Red-bellied Woodpecker         Whiting WMA
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker         35 Sunset Rd
Downy Woodpecker         35 Sunset Rd
Hairy Woodpecker         Scherman-Hoffman
Northern Flicker         Whiting WMA
Merlin         Bombay Hook
Peregrine Falcon         Bombay Hook
Eastern Phoebe         Whiting WMA
Blue-headed Vireo         Island Beach SP
Red-eyed Vireo         35 Sunset Rd
Blue Jay         Whiting WMA
American Crow         Whiting WMA
Fish Crow         Dover
Tree Swallow         Island Beach SP
Carolina Chickadee         Whiting WMA
Black-capped Chickadee         Scherman-Hoffman
Tufted Titmouse         Whiting WMA
Red-breasted Nuthatch         Whiting WMA
White-breasted Nuthatch         Whiting WMA
Brown Creeper         Island Beach SP
House Wren         Island Beach SP
Winter Wren         Prime Hook
Carolina Wren         35 Sunset Rd
Golden-crowned Kinglet         Prime Hook
Ruby-crowned Kinglet         Crestwood Village
Eastern Bluebird         Whiting WMA
Swainson's Thrush         35 Sunset Rd
Hermit Thrush         Island Beach SP
American Robin         35 Sunset Rd
Gray Catbird         Double Trouble State Park
Northern Mockingbird         Bombay Hook
Brown Thrasher         Prime Hook
European Starling         Bombay Hook
Cedar Waxwing         Island Beach SP
Black-and-white Warbler         Island Beach SP
Common Yellowthroat         Double Trouble State Park
Northern Parula         Crestwood Village
Magnolia Warbler         Horicon Lake
Blackpoll Warbler         Island Beach SP
Palm Warbler         Whiting WMA
Pine Warbler         Whiting WMA
Yellow-rumped Warbler        Cattus Island
Eastern Towhee         35 Sunset Rd
Chipping Sparrow         Whiting WMA
Savannah Sparrow         Crestwood Village
Song Sparrow         Double Trouble State Park
Swamp Sparrow         Crestwood Village
White-throated Sparrow        Cattus Island
White-crowned Sparrow         Island Beach SP
Dark-eyed Junco         Whiting WMA
Northern Cardinal         Crestwood Village
Rose-breasted Grosbeak         Island Beach SP
Red-winged Blackbird        Cattus Island
Common Grackle        Cattus Island
Boat-tailed Grackle         Brigantine
Brown-headed Cowbird         Whiting WMA
Purple Finch         35 Sunset Rd
House Finch         Crestwood Village
Pine Siskin         35 Sunset Rd
American Goldfinch        Cattus Island
House Sparrow         35 Sunset Rd

Hermit Thrush, Whiting WMA 10/31
Photo: Shari Zirlin

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