Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Crestwood Village 2/28--American Woodcock

It seemed a little early to me for woodcocks, but with the May-like weather we've been having this month they have apparently been making themselves known, so tonight I drove over to what I have to keep as an unspecified spot since last year I got into a little trouble for revealing where I'd seen them since it is technically "restricted," but it is only 2 miles and 6 minutes away from the house. I didn't have to wait very long past sunset at 5:48 before I heard the familiar "peenting" call. Then one flew over my head and I was able to track it down and make a recording of it calling, which you can hear here. I heard another one behind me and was surprised my camera was able to take any pictures in the gloaming.

A great bird with which to end the month's birding.

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