Sunday, December 18, 2016

Cape Coral 12/14--Muscovy Duck

Muscovy Ducks, Wawa Cape Coral
Photo: Shari Zirlin
Chris was with us today which was lucky for us. Chris kind of birds with her left hand and has the ability to glance out the window and pick out a great bird. So, on the approach to the bridge to Cape Coral on McGregor Blvd while we were stopped at a traffic light, she asked what that goose was with the White Ibises. The goose turned out to be a Muscovy Duck. True, I listed this duck last month as a lifer, but it is of dubious countability in NJ and I never would have listed them in Ocean County ducklings or no ducklings. In Florida, it is on the checklist as well established--just like pigeons and House Sparrows. Problem was, we couldn't get pictures as the light changed.

Chris also picks out Wawa's and as we were driving up Del Prado Blvd she found me my 2nd life Wawa of the trip. We were all happy to stop for some good coffee. Perhaps not as happy as Shari appears, but happy nonetheless.

After we tanked up we pulled out of the parking lot onto a side street. Once again, Chris pointed out that there were ducks beneath the trees. And these Muscovy Ducks we were all able to photograph. These ducks really do appear closer to their natural state being mostly black instead of the domestic white birds we saw in Ocean Grove.

So I'm giving Chris credit for one life Wawa and one half of a life bird.

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