Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Last Walk of the Year--Snow Goose

I went out this afternoon when it finally warmed up a bit, walking around the neighborhood, mostly for the exercise, but I always bring my binoculars along. There were the expected birds along the way, nothing I hadn't already seen this morning by our feeders, but at the pond on Schoolhouse, in among the usual Canada Geese and Mallards, I found one odd goose.

My first reaction was that it was some sort of hybrid goose or an immature goose. I wasn't carrying a field guide. I knew it wasn't a barnyard goose--I have enough experience with those--but this is a case of context. Had I seen this bird at Brig I would probably have called it immediately. However, in our little pond it seemed weirder than it really is. I should have remembered that this spring we had Tundra Swans and a Redhead in that pond, so it can attract more than the very common species. But then, I didn't believe I was looking at  Tundra Swans at first either.

When I showed this picture to Shari after I got home, she, not being biased by the location, immediately said "Snow Goose." I looked it up in Sibley's and yes, it had all the field marks of an immature Snow Goose (dingy color, black bill) that were throwing me off. I put up a few pictures on line and asked for help on Jerseybirds and almost immediately confirmations of Snow Goose came pinging in.

Now, the big deal here, for me, is that I hadn't had Snow Goose all year in Ocean County, and had pretty much given up looking for new birds after hearing the Sedge Wren on the Barnegat Christmas Bird Count this Sunday. This was my 233rd bird in Ocean County for me this year, an all time high for me, but good only for a very distant second place overall.

I think, if nothing else, my list shows the amazing diversity of birds in Ocean County, blessed as it is with both a long shoreline, plenty of marshes, and vast upland habitat.

Species              First Sighting
Snow Goose     Crestwood Village                      
Brant     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                  
Canada Goose     Crestwood Village                  
Mute Swan     Cattus Island County Park                      
Tundra Swan    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)             
Wood Duck     New Egypt              
Gadwall     Forsythe--Barnegat                 
American Wigeon     Marshall's Pond                 
American Black Duck     Riverfront Landing                  
Mallard     Crestwood Village                    
Northern Shoveler     Forsythe--Barnegat                      
Northern Pintail     Bayview Ave Park                 
Green-winged Teal     Forsythe--Barnegat                     
Canvasback     Riverfront Landing                      
Redhead     Riverfront Landing                
Ring-necked Duck     Double Trouble State Park                     
Greater Scaup     Little Silver Lake                       
Lesser Scaup     Riverfront Landing                    
King Eider     Barnegat Lighthouse SP               
Common Eider     Great Sedge Island                 
Harlequin Duck     Barnegat Lighthouse SP                 
Surf Scoter     Barnegat Lighthouse SP             
White-winged Scoter     Barnegat Lighthouse SP                    
Black Scoter     Barnegat Lighthouse SP                       
Long-tailed Duck     Manasquan Inlet                 
Bufflehead     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                   
Common Goldeneye     Great Bay Bvld. WMA              
Hooded Merganser     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                 
Common Merganser     Prospertown Lake                     
Red-breasted Merganser     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                   
Ruddy Duck     Riverfront Landing                      

Northern Bobwhite     Colliers Mills WMA                      
Ring-necked Pheasant     Warren Grove                       
Wild Turkey     Rt. 70                      

Red-throated Loon     Barnegat Lighthouse SP            
Common Loon     Manasquan Inlet                     
Pied-billed Grebe     Double Trouble State Park                       
Horned Grebe     Little Silver Lake                       
Red-necked Grebe     Manasquan Inlet              

Northern Gannet     Manasquan Inlet                 
Double-crested Cormorant     Barnegat Lighthouse SP                      
Great Cormorant     Barnegat Lighthouse SP                
Brown Pelican     Great Sedge Island                 

American Bittern     Great Sedge Island              
Great Blue Heron     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                    
Great Egret     Cattus Island County Park                       
Snowy Egret     Island Beach SP             
Little Blue Heron     Cattus Island County Park             
Tricolored Heron     Cattus Island County Park             
Green Heron    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)              
Black-crowned Night-Heron     Island Beach SP                      
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                       
Glossy Ibis     Cattus Island County Park                       

Black Vulture     New Egypt                      
Turkey Vulture     Crestwood Village                   
Osprey     Cattus Island County Park                  
Northern Harrier     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                      
Sharp-shinned Hawk     Colliers Mills WMA                  
Cooper's Hawk     Crestwood Community Gardens                 
Bald Eagle     Double Trouble State Park                       
Red-shouldered Hawk   Bridge to Nowhere                  
Broad-winged Hawk     Double Trouble State Park                  
Red-tailed Hawk     Whiting--Power line cut                  

Clapper Rail     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                 
American Coot     Lake of the Lilies                     

American Avocet     Forsythe--Barnegat             
American Oystercatcher     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                     
Black-bellied Plover     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                
American Golden-Plover    Holgate                     
Semipalmated Plover     Great Bay Bvld. WMA             
Piping Plover     Barnegat Lighthouse SP                     
Killdeer     Great Bay Bvld. WMA              
Spotted Sandpiper     Lake Enno             
Solitary Sandpiper     Butterfly Bogs                    
Greater Yellowlegs    Eno's Pond            
Willet     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                  
Lesser Yellowlegs     Forsythe--Barnegat                       
Upland Sandpiper     Lakehurst NAES               
Whimbrel     Great Sedge Island              
Marbled Godwit     Great Sedge Island                
Ruddy Turnstone     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                    
Red Knot     Great Sedge Island               
Stilt Sandpiper     Forsythe--Barnegat                 
Sanderling     Barnegat Lighthouse SP              
Dunlin     Great Bay Bvld. WMA               
Purple Sandpiper     Barnegat Lighthouse SP              
Least Sandpiper     Cattus Island County Park             
Pectoral Sandpiper    Eno's Pond            
Semipalmated Sandpiper     Island Beach SP              
Short-billed Dowitcher     Island Beach SP                    
Long-billed Dowitcher     Bayview Marina                      
Wilson's Snipe    Eno's Pond                   
American Woodcock     Crestwood Community Gardens                    

Bonaparte's Gull     Manasquan Inlet                  
Laughing Gull     Toms River bus station                       
Ring-billed Gull     Crestwood Village                 
Herring Gull     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                  
Lesser Black-backed Gull     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                  
Great Black-backed Gull     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                    
Least Tern     Double Trouble State Park            
Caspian Tern     Great Sedge Island                   
Black Tern     Great Sedge Island            
Common Tern     Barnegat Lighthouse SP                    
Forster's Tern     Cattus Island County Park                  
Royal Tern     Barnegat Lighthouse SP              
Black Skimmer     Great Bay Bvld. WMA             

Rock Pigeon     Warren Grove                  
Mourning Dove     35 Sunset Rd             

Yellow-billed Cuckoo     Colliers Mills WMA                  
Black-billed Cuckoo    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)             

Eastern Screech-Owl     35 Sunset Rd               
Great Horned Owl     35 Sunset Rd                     
Snowy Owl   Bridge to Nowhere               
Short-eared Owl   Bridge to Nowhere                 

Common Nighthawk     Lakehurst NAES                       
Chuck-will's-widow     Collinstown Rd                
Eastern Whip-poor-will     35 Sunset Rd            

Chimney Swift     Prospertown Lake                   

Ruby-throated Hummingbird     35 Sunset Rd              

Belted Kingfisher     Horicon Lake                       

Red-headed Woodpecker     Colliers Mills WMA                      
Red-bellied Woodpecker     35 Sunset Rd                     
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker     Crestwood Village            
Downy Woodpecker     35 Sunset Rd                 
Hairy Woodpecker     Whiting WMA                    
Northern Flicker     Crestwood Village                

American Kestrel     Colliers Mills WMA              
Merlin     Crestwood Village                      
Peregrine Falcon     Barnegat Lighthouse SP              

Eastern Wood-Pewee     Colliers Mills WMA                 
Acadian Flycatcher     Double Trouble State Park                    
Willow Flycatcher     Double Trouble State Park                       
Least Flycatcher     Colliers Mills WMA               
Eastern Phoebe     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                      
Great Crested Flycatcher     Double Trouble State Park                      
Eastern Kingbird    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)                   

Northern Shrike    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)                    

White-eyed Vireo    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)                  
Blue-headed Vireo     Cattus Island County Park                     
Warbling Vireo     Colliers Mills WMA                  
Red-eyed Vireo     Island Beach SP                    

Blue Jay     35 Sunset Rd              
American Crow     35 Sunset Rd              
Fish Crow     Horicon Lake            
Common Raven     Lakehurst NAES                  

Horned Lark     Lakehurst NAES              

Northern Rough-winged Swallow     Great Bay Bvld. WMA               
Purple Martin    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)             
Tree Swallow     Prospertown Lake                     
Bank Swallow     Forsythe--Barnegat                  
Barn Swallow    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)            

Carolina Chickadee     35 Sunset Rd                 
Tufted Titmouse     35 Sunset Rd            

Red-breasted Nuthatch     Wells Mills Park                    
White-breasted Nuthatch     35 Sunset Rd                    

Brown Creeper     Crestwood Village                  

House Wren    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)              
Winter Wren     Ocean County Parks Offices                
Sedge Wren     Manahawking WMA--Beach Ave                     
Marsh Wren     Island Beach SP              
Carolina Wren     35 Sunset Rd               

Blue-gray Gnatcatcher     Colliers Mills WMA                

Golden-crowned Kinglet     Whiting--Power line cut                
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     Crestwood Village                 

Eastern Bluebird     Horicon Lake            
Veery     Double Trouble State Park                    
Gray-cheeked Thrush     Double Trouble State Park               
Swainson's Thrush     Wells Mills Park               
Hermit Thrush     Crestwood Village                    
Wood Thrush     FREC                  
American Robin     Lakewood                  

Gray Catbird     Island Beach SP             
Brown Thrasher     Colliers Mills WMA               
Northern Mockingbird     New Egypt                    

European Starling     Crestwood Village            

Cedar Waxwing     Cattus Island County Park              

Lapland Longspur     Island Beach SP               
Snow Bunting     Island Beach SP                      

Ovenbird     Double Trouble State Park              
Louisiana Waterthrush     Double Trouble State Park             
Northern Waterthrush    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)                      
Blue-winged Warbler     Colliers Mills WMA                  
Black-and-white Warbler     Colliers Mills WMA            
Orange-crowned Warbler     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                  
Nashville Warbler     Island Beach SP--Reed's Road              
Common Yellowthroat    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)                     
American Redstart     Double Trouble State Park                     
Northern Parula    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)                    
Magnolia Warbler     Double Trouble State Park                       
Bay-breasted Warbler     Island Beach SP                     
Blackburnian Warbler    Eno's Pond                   
Yellow Warbler    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)                      
Blackpoll Warbler     Island Beach SP                
Black-throated Blue Warbler     Island Beach SP                     
Palm Warbler     Double Trouble State Park                  
Pine Warbler     35 Sunset Rd                  
Yellow-rumped Warbler     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                     
Prairie Warbler    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)                      
Black-throated Green Warbler     Island Beach SP                   
Canada Warbler     Island Beach SP                  

Eastern Towhee     Colliers Mills WMA               
American Tree Sparrow     35 Sunset Rd                       
Chipping Sparrow     Crestwood Village             
Clay-colored Sparrow     Great Bay Bvld. WMA             
Field Sparrow    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)            
Savannah Sparrow     Barnegat Lighthouse SP                       
Grasshopper Sparrow     Colliers Mills WMA                 
Saltmarsh Sparrow     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                 
Seaside Sparrow     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                     
Fox Sparrow     35 Sunset Rd                   
Song Sparrow     35 Sunset Rd                
Lincoln's Sparrow     Colliers Mills WMA            
Swamp Sparrow     Horicon Lake             
White-throated Sparrow     35 Sunset Rd                       
White-crowned Sparrow     Double Trouble State Park                       
Dark-eyed Junco     35 Sunset Rd                       

Scarlet Tanager     FREC              
Northern Cardinal     35 Sunset Rd                     
Rose-breasted Grosbeak    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)                 
Blue Grosbeak     Prospertown Lake                   
Indigo Bunting     Colliers Mills WMA                  

Bobolink     Island Beach SP--Reed's Road                  
Red-winged Blackbird     Cattus Island County Park               
Eastern Meadowlark     Lakehurst NAES                       
Common Grackle     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                    
Boat-tailed Grackle     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                  
Brown-headed Cowbird     35 Sunset Rd                       
Orchard Oriole    Whitesbog (Ocean Co.)                       
Baltimore Oriole     Lake Enno                  

House Finch     35 Sunset Rd                  
Purple Finch     Great Bay Bvld. WMA                
American Goldfinch     35 Sunset Rd                 

House Sparrow     35 Sunset Rd

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