Monday, October 31, 2016

October's Birds

FOS Ring-necked Ducks, Butterfly Bogs
It was not a terribly "productive" month with only 4 year birds added, 3 of them, not surprisingly, sparrows. Naturally, as the year progresses, it gets harder to add birds to the list, but there are autumn birds being reported that I'm not seeing, foremost, Nelson's Sparrow, which I again looked for on Sunday with no luck. Some have the theory that they are best found at high tide  because they are pushed up into the grass (yesterday disproved that) while I think they're easier to see at low tide, when there is more area for them to run around and feed, though last week's low tide coincided with a stiff breeze and that keeps them down.

Anyway, the only true rarity of the month came very early, 2 American White Pelicans at mostly-closed Brig. I found a Lincoln's Sparrow at Island Beach, and on separate trips to Great Bay Blvd, a Clay-colored Sparrow and a Vesper Sparrow.

Here are the birds, in no particular order, that I would have like to have found this month:
Nelson's Sparrow
Lark Sparrow
Snow Bunting
Lapland Longspur
American Pipit

Now that hunting season is upon, finding places to walk and bird can get problematical. Colliers Mills scares me; Assunpink, for some reason, I feel safe at, but the gun fire is annoying. Supposedly there's hunting at Whitesbog, but I've never seen it, but, this time of year, there aren't many birds there either. Today, to end the month, I took a 5 mile walk around the perimeter of Manasquan Reservoir, which was fairly birdy (though I only added American Coot to the month list) and it is to places like that I'll have to turn my attentions to until the shooting stops.
Solitary Sandpiper at a rarely visited pond in Colliers Mills
For the month I managed 140 species. All the birding was in NJ except for a brief foray on Staten Island during one of the very many trips I made accompanying a loved one to a doctor.
Counties birded:
New Jersey: Atlantic, Burlington, Monmouth, Ocean
New York: Richmond
Species   Location
Brant   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Canada Goose   Horicon Lake
Mute Swan   Brig
Wood Duck   Whitesbog
Gadwall   Brig
American Wigeon   Marshall's Pond
American Black Duck   Sandy Hook
Mallard   Palmyra Cove Nature Park
Blue-winged Teal   Cranberry Bogs--Dover Rd
Green-winged Teal   Forsythe--Barnegat
Ring-necked Duck   Butterfly Bogs
Greater Scaup   Bamber Lake
Surf Scoter   Island Beach SP
White-winged Scoter   Island Beach SP
Black Scoter   Island Beach SP
Hooded Merganser   Bamber Lake
Ruddy Duck   Assunpink WMA
Wild Turkey   Palmyra Cove Nature Park
Red-throated Loon   Island Beach SP
Common Loon   Island Beach SP
Pied-billed Grebe   Assunpink WMA
Northern Gannet   Island Beach SP
Great Cormorant   Island Beach SP
Double-crested Cormorant   Horicon Lake
American White Pelican   Brig
Brown Pelican   Island Beach SP
Great Blue Heron   Horicon Lake
Great Egret   Whitesbog
Snowy Egret   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Tricolored Heron   Island Beach SP
Green Heron   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Black-crowned Night-Heron   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Black Vulture   35 Sunset Rd
Turkey Vulture   Wawa Rt 70 & CR 530
Osprey   Sandy Hook
Northern Harrier   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Sharp-shinned Hawk   Crestwood Village
Cooper's Hawk   Sandy Hook
Bald Eagle   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Red-tailed Hawk   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Common Gallinule   Brig
American Coot   Manasquan Reservoir IBA
American Oystercatcher   Island Beach SP
Black-bellied Plover   Sandy Hook
Semipalmated Plover   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Killdeer   Field next to Lakewood Wawa
Marbled Godwit   Holgate
Sanderling   Island Beach SP
Dunlin   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Least Sandpiper   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Semipalmated Sandpiper   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Solitary Sandpiper   Colliers Mills WMA
Greater Yellowlegs   Whitesbog
Willet   Holgate
Bonaparte's Gull   Island Beach SP
Laughing Gull   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Ring-billed Gull   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Herring Gull   Whitesbog
Lesser Black-backed Gull   Holgate
Great Black-backed Gull   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Caspian Tern   Holgate
Forster's Tern   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Royal Tern   Island Beach SP
Rock Pigeon   Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Rahway
Mourning Dove   35 Sunset Rd
Yellow-billed Cuckoo   Sandy Hook
Black-billed Cuckoo   Cattus Island County Park
Chimney Swift   Palmyra Cove Nature Park
Belted Kingfisher   Whitesbog
Red-bellied Woodpecker   Whitesbog
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker   Palmyra Cove Nature Park
Downy Woodpecker   Whitesbog
Hairy Woodpecker   Assunpink WMA
Northern Flicker   Crestwood Village
American Kestrel   Island Beach SP
Merlin   Brig
Peregrine Falcon   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Eastern Wood-Pewee   Sandy Hook
Eastern Phoebe   Island Beach SP
Blue-headed Vireo   Assunpink WMA
Philadelphia Vireo   Sandy Hook
Warbling Vireo   Sandy Hook
Red-eyed Vireo   Sandy Hook
Blue Jay   35 Sunset Rd
American Crow   Whitesbog
Fish Crow   Crestwood Village
Common Raven   Sandy Hook
Tree Swallow   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Carolina Chickadee   35 Sunset Rd
Black-capped Chickadee   Sandy Hook
Tufted Titmouse   Whitesbog
Red-breasted Nuthatch   Whitesbog
White-breasted Nuthatch   Whitesbog
Brown Creeper   Island Beach SP
House Wren   Crestwood Village
Carolina Wren   35 Sunset Rd
Golden-crowned Kinglet   Island Beach SP
Ruby-crowned Kinglet   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Eastern Bluebird   Colliers Mills WMA
Hermit Thrush   Island Beach SP
American Robin   Crestwood Village
Gray Catbird   Whitesbog
Brown Thrasher   Horicon Lake
Northern Mockingbird   Horicon Lake
European Starling   DaVita-Woodbridge
Cedar Waxwing   Sandy Hook
Ovenbird   Palmyra Cove Nature Park
Black-and-white Warbler   Palmyra Cove Nature Park
Common Yellowthroat   Whitesbog
American Redstart   Sandy Hook
Magnolia Warbler   Island Beach SP
Yellow Warbler   Palmyra Cove Nature Park
Blackpoll Warbler   Sandy Hook
Black-throated Blue Warbler   Palmyra Cove Nature Park
Palm Warbler   Brig
Pine Warbler   Whitesbog
Yellow-rumped Warbler   Whitesbog
Prairie Warbler   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Black-throated Green Warbler   Island Beach SP
Chipping Sparrow   35 Sunset Rd
Clay-colored Sparrow   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Field Sparrow   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Dark-eyed Junco   Island Beach SP
White-crowned Sparrow   Sandy Hook
White-throated Sparrow   Island Beach SP
Vesper Sparrow   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Savannah Sparrow   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Song Sparrow   Horicon Lake
Lincoln's Sparrow   Island Beach SP
Swamp Sparrow   Whitesbog
Eastern Towhee   35 Sunset Rd
Northern Cardinal   35 Sunset Rd
Red-winged Blackbird   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Common Grackle   Butterfly Bogs
Boat-tailed Grackle   Great Bay Bvld. WMA
Brown-headed Cowbird   Palmyra Cove Nature Park
House Finch   35 Sunset Rd
American Goldfinch   Brig
House Sparrow   Palmyra Cove Nature Park
Black Vultures on our roof

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