Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Winner of the "Worst Idea for Advertisement Placement" Award

I've seen many advertisements above the urinals in men's rooms. Hey, it gives us guys something to do, although the reading matter isn't usually as interesting as the surrounding graffiti. But until I entered the men's room at First Energy Park in Lakewood, NJ (home of the "low Class A" Blue Claws), I had never seen advertisements in the urinals.

And what a good idea that must have seemed at the time, so long as you forgot about the implications of someone peeing all over your company name as well as the facts that it is both hard to read the phone number if you're standing the proper distance to the urinal and that most guys don't have a pen exactly handy at this moment. And who wants to be seen jotting down the phone numbers afterwards? That's a little more information than I'd be willing to give out among strangers.

Still, clever copy with the baseball references.

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