Sunday, June 1, 2014

May Birds

Cedar Waxwing, Whitesbog
May was by far the best birding month of the year so far. Of course, the New Mexico trip really boosted the numbers, but the month was bound to be great since it is the middle of migration and all kinds of warblers and shorebirds were flowing through New Jersey, most bound for more northern climes to breed, though a few others do stick around.

Highlights of the month, besides 6 life birds in New Mexico, were finding the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks calmly sitting on the shore of a little pond in Galloway Township, hearing a Great Horned Owl outside our door, and getting both Tennessee Warbler and Mourning Warbler within a few minutes of each other at the Oros Preserve, only a few minutes from the ancestral home. Ah, if only I'd been a birder when I was a kid, I'd have such a life list by now.

For the month I managed 202 species, quite a respectable number. I remember years ago a birder telling me at Jamaica Bay that he'd seen 200 species that month and the number just did not seem possible to me. Now, while it isn't routine, it is certainly imaginable.

Counties Birded:
New Jersey: Atlantic, Burlington, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean
New Mexico: Bernallilo, Los Alamos, Sandoval, San Miguel, Santa Fe
New York: Kings
Texas: Tarrant
Species                First Sighting
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck     Patriot Lake
Snow Goose     Brigantine
Brant     Island Beach SP
Canada Goose     Cattus Island County Park
Mute Swan     Brigantine
Tundra Swan     Brigantine
Wood Duck     Whitesbog OC portion
Gadwall     Brigantine
American Black Duck     Brigantine
Mallard     Cattus Island County Park
Greater Scaup     Brigantine
Bufflehead     Cattus Island County Park
Double-crested Cormorant     Cattus Island County Park
Great Blue Heron     Cattus Island County Park
Great Egret     Cattus Island County Park
Snowy Egret     Cattus Island County Park
Little Blue Heron     Cattus Island County Park
Tricolored Heron     Cattus Island County Park
Green Heron     Whitesbog OC portion
Black-crowned Night-Heron     Island Beach SP
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron     Great Bay Blvd
Glossy Ibis     Brigantine
Turkey Vulture     White's Bogs
Osprey     Cattus Island County Park
Northern Harrier     Brigantine
Sharp-shinned Hawk     Santa Fe Canyon Preserve
Cooper's Hawk     FREC
Northern Goshawk     Santa Fe NF
Bald Eagle     Cattus Island County Park
Red-tailed Hawk     FREC
Clapper Rail     Brigantine
American Coot     Santa Fe Canyon Preserve
American Oystercatcher     Brigantine
Black-bellied Plover     Brigantine
Semipalmated Plover     Brigantine
Killdeer     Prospertown Lake
Spotted Sandpiper     White's Bogs
Solitary Sandpiper     Butterfly Bogs
Greater Yellowlegs     Cattus Island County Park
Willet     Cattus Island County Park
Lesser Yellowlegs     Brigantine
Whimbrel     Brigantine
Ruddy Turnstone     Brigantine
Dunlin     Brigantine
Least Sandpiper     Cattus Island County Park
White-rumped Sandpiper     Brigantine
Semipalmated Sandpiper     Brigantine
Short-billed Dowitcher     Brigantine
Laughing Gull     Brigantine
Ring-billed Gull     Patriot Lake
Herring Gull     Cattus Island County Park
Great Black-backed Gull     Brigantine
Least Tern     Double Trouble State Park
Gull-billed Tern     Brigantine
Caspian Tern     Brigantine
Forster's Tern     Cattus Island County Park
Black Skimmer     Brigantine
Rock Pigeon     Delgado St, Santa Fe
Eurasian Collared-Dove     Santa Fe River Park
White-winged Dove     Madrid, NM
Mourning Dove     Cattus Island County Park
Yellow-billed Cuckoo     Colliers Mills WMA
Black-billed Cuckoo     Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve
Great Horned Owl     35 Sunset Rd
Chuck-will's-widow     Brigantine
Eastern Whip-poor-will     35 Sunset Rd
Chimney Swift     Prospertown Lake
White-throated Swift     Bandelier NM -- Main Loop Trail
Ruby-throated Hummingbird     35 Sunset Rd
Black-chinned Hummingbird     Randall Davey Audubon Ctr
Broad-tailed Hummingbird     Delgado St, Santa Fe
Belted Kingfisher     Cattus Island County Park
Red-headed Woodpecker     Colliers Mills WMA
Acorn Woodpecker     Bandelier Entrance Rd
Red-bellied Woodpecker     35 Sunset Rd
Downy Woodpecker     Cattus Island County Park
Hairy Woodpecker     Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest
Northern Flicker     Cattus Island County Park
American Kestrel     Colliers Mills WMA
Peregrine Falcon     Brigantine
Eastern Wood-Pewee     Colliers Mills WMA
Willow Flycatcher     Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve
Gray Flycatcher     Bandelier NM--Falls Trail
Black Phoebe     Cerillos, NM
Eastern Phoebe     White's Bogs
Great Crested Flycatcher     Whitesbog OC portion
Western Kingbird     Cerillos, NM
Eastern Kingbird     Whitesbog OC portion
White-eyed Vireo     White's Bogs
Plumbeous Vireo     Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest Rd.
Blue-headed Vireo     Cattus Island County Park
Warbling Vireo     Santa Fe River Park
Red-eyed Vireo     Island Beach SP
PINYON JAY     Pecos, NM
Steller's Jay     Randall Davey Audubon Ctr
Blue Jay     Cattus Island County Park
Western Scrub-Jay     Randall Davey Audubon Ctr
BLACK-BILLED MAGPIE     Santa Fe River Park
American Crow     35 Sunset Rd
Fish Crow     Cattus Island County Park
Common Raven     Randall Davey Audubon Ctr
Northern Rough-winged Swallow     Whitesbog OC portion
Purple Martin     Whitesbog OC portion
Tree Swallow     Cattus Island County Park
Violet-green Swallow     Randall Davey Audubon Ctr
Barn Swallow     Cattus Island County Park
Cliff Swallow     Cerillos, NM
Carolina Chickadee     Cattus Island County Park
Black-capped Chickadee     Randall Davey Audubon Ctr
Mountain Chickadee     Randall Davey Audubon Ctr
Juniper Titmouse     Santa Fe Canyon Preserve
Tufted Titmouse     Cattus Island County Park
Bushtit     Delgado St, Santa Fe
Red-breasted Nuthatch     Cibola NF -- Sandia Crest
White-breasted Nuthatch     Cattus Island County Park
Pygmy Nuthatch     Santa Fe NF
Brown Creeper     Santa Fe NF
Rock Wren     Bandelier NM--Falls Trail
House Wren     Whitesbog OC portion
Marsh Wren     Brigantine
Carolina Wren     35 Sunset Rd
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher     White's Bogs
Golden-crowned Kinglet     Santa Fe NF
Ruby-crowned Kinglet     Colliers Mills WMA
Eastern Bluebird     White's Bogs
Western Bluebird     Leonora Curtin Wetland Preserve
Townsend's Solitaire     Santa Fe NF
Veery     William Warren County Park
Gray-cheeked Thrush     William Warren County Park
Swainson's Thrush     William Warren County Park
Hermit Thrush     Cibola NF -- Nine Mile Picnic Site
Wood Thrush     FREC
American Robin     Cattus Island County Park
Gray Catbird     Cattus Island County Park
Brown Thrasher     Cattus Island County Park
Northern Mockingbird     White's Bogs
European Starling     White's Bogs
Cedar Waxwing     William Warren County Park
Ovenbird     White's Bogs
Northern Waterthrush     Whitesbog OC portion
Blue-winged Warbler     Colliers Mills WMA
Black-and-white Warbler     White's Bogs
Tennessee Warbler     Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve
Orange-crowned Warbler     Santa Fe NF
Virginia's Warbler     La Cueva Valley
MacGillivray's Warbler     Bandelier NM--Falls Trail
Mourning Warbler     Ernest L. Oros Wildlife Preserve
Common Yellowthroat     Cattus Island County Park
American Redstart     Double Trouble State Park
Northern Parula     Whitesbog OC portion
Magnolia Warbler     Double Trouble State Park
Bay-breasted Warbler     Island Beach SP
Yellow Warbler     Whitesbog OC portion
Chestnut-sided Warbler     William Warren County Park
Blackpoll Warbler     Island Beach SP
Black-throated Blue Warbler     Island Beach SP
Palm Warbler     Whitesbog OC portion
Pine Warbler     Cattus Island County Park
Yellow-rumped Warbler     Whitesbog OC portion
Prairie Warbler     White's Bogs
Black-throated Gray Warbler     La Cueva Valley
Canada Warbler     Island Beach SP
Wilson's Warbler     Santa Fe Canyon Preserve
Yellow-breasted Chat     Assunpink WMA--Navigation Beacon
Green-tailed Towhee     Santa Fe NF
Spotted Towhee     Delgado St, Santa Fe
Eastern Towhee     Cattus Island County Park
Canyon Towhee     Santa Fe Canyon Preserve
Chipping Sparrow     Cattus Island County Park
Field Sparrow     FREC
Savannah Sparrow     Brigantine
Grasshopper Sparrow     Colliers Mills WMA
Saltmarsh Sparrow     Great Bay Blvd
Seaside Sparrow     Brigantine
Song Sparrow     Cattus Island County Park
Swamp Sparrow     Cattus Island County Park
White-throated Sparrow     Cattus Island County Park
White-crowned Sparrow     Double Trouble State Park
Dark-eyed Junco     Santa Fe NF
Hepatic Tanager     Randall Davey Audubon Ctr
Scarlet Tanager     FREC
Western Tanager     Santa Fe River Park
Northern Cardinal     Cattus Island County Park
Rose-breasted Grosbeak     Whitesbog OC portion
Black-headed Grosbeak     Randall Davey Audubon Ctr
Blue Grosbeak     Prospertown Lake
Indigo Bunting     Assunpink WMA--Navigation Beacon
Red-winged Blackbird     Cattus Island County Park
Brewer's Blackbird     Pecos, NM
Common Grackle     White's Bogs
Boat-tailed Grackle     Brigantine
Great-tailed Grackle     DFW
Brown-headed Cowbird     White's Bogs
Orchard Oriole     Whitesbog OC portion
Baltimore Oriole     Lake Enno
House Finch     Cattus Island County Park
Pine Siskin     Delgado St, Santa Fe Feeder
Lesser Goldfinch     Cerillos, NM
American Goldfinch     Cattus Island County Park
EVENING GROSBEAK     Delgado St, Santa Fe
House Sparrow     Brigantine

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