Sunday, December 16, 2012

Copamarina 12/14: One Last Look Around

I got up early on Friday to take a look around the grounds. My first stop was behind the tennis courts where I knew a small band of Killdeer had been hanging out and they still were. I saw a couple of Glossy Ibises fly overhead into the pond across the road. Pelicans and Royal Terns in the bay, as at the start of the vacation.

After breakfast and checking out, Shari suggested we take a last look at the pond. We could see that in the last week the waters had somewhat receded, but it would be a long time before anyone could use the path. The usual birds were on the pond. On the post that used to mark the end of parking area Shari photographed a Black-bellied Plover.
The drive back to the airport took 3 hours. Along the 100 mile route we counted 44 broken down vehicles of all sorts--cars, vans, trucks, tractor-trailers--either on the side of the road, or, in the case of the 40 minute traffic jam outside Caguas, a truck right smack dab in the middle lane. Happy we were to find the Hertz parking lot and give them back their car.

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